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A Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
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Major Awards

Our Major Awards raffle will happen this June and this year the winner gets $12,500! There is no second place option - winner takes all! 
Tickets are 1 for $25 or 3 for $50 or 12 for $100.
We will have early bird drawings beginning in May.
  • May 15:  $250  -- Winner: Mark Gillming
  • May 22:  $150 -- Winner: Bob & Mary Fey
  • May 29:  $100 -- Winner: The Huff Family
Major award winner: Garry Lanham!
Tickets were mailed to parishioners' homes; purchased tickets should be returned to the rectory office. Additional tickets are available for purchase in the rectory office during regular business hours. 

The deadline to purchase and/or return tickets is noon on June 12th. The rectory office is closed on Sundays so please plan accordingly.

The grand prize winner will be drawn on June 12th!
Father King will draw the winner to kickoff the Gathering of Angels event, which begins at 1:00pm on June 12th. More information on that event is available here.