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A Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
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Major Awards

Our Major Awards raffle will happen this June and this year the winner gets $12,500! There is no second place option - winner takes all! 
Tickets are 1 for $25 or 3 for $50 or 12 for $100.
We will have early bird drawings beginning in May.
  • May 12:  $250
  • May 19:  $150
  • May 26:  $100
Tickets were mailed to parishioners' homes; purchased tickets should be returned to the rectory office. Additional tickets are available for purchase in the rectory office during regular business hours. 

The deadline to purchase and/or return tickets is noon on June 9th. The rectory office is closed on Sundays so please plan accordingly.

The grand prize winner will be drawn on June 9th!