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A Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
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Fathers Team

Do you have a desire to become a better husband and father and at the same time improve your relationship with God? Would you like to meet other men, like yourself, and with them explore real life questions about being a Catholic Father, today?  If yes, the GA FATHERS TEAM offers practical advice, fellowship, and encouragement to men, to build their capacity to be devoted spiritual leaders for their families and to grow closer in their relationship to God.  The FATHERS TEAM meets for 1 hour every Friday at 6:05 AM in person or virtually via Zoom.  There are no attendance requirements just come when you can or need a Fathers Team fix.  The group’s goals are to help build men renewed with faith, hope and love through confidential sharing of practical experience and mutual accountability, guidance of our Christian faith.  Come join us!

So, for all of you dads who are interested in joining us, please contact us for more meeting details through [email protected]. Let us know your name, email and phone number and briefly what made you check us out. Or you can complete this contact form.

Feel free to browse the calendar and topics for this year. Our syllabus is posted below.

Top Reasons to join the Fathers Team

  1. Support structure for fathers
  2. Examine relationships with wives, children, peers
  3. Get ideas on dealing with “dad” issues
  4. What is the Catholic Church teaching on current topics?
  5. What do you believe versus what the Catholic Church teaches?
  6. Ways to better understand what being Catholic is about
  7. Connect with fathers “in the same boat”
  8. Flexible attendance policy
  9. Great way to get involved in the church and GA parish
  10. Get perspective from fathers who have “been there”