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Stewardship » Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving Tuesday 2021

Our school has allowed our Angels a magnificent place to grow for more than 100 years. Students leave our school with a strong Catholic core and ready to compete with the top learners in a competitive academic world. It is our responsibility to continue to provide this top-notch education for our parish families. 
We all know these are unprecedented times. Our school has done a phenomenal job keeping our students in school, allowing them to learn in-person throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is not just about staying on course; we strive to do better. Guardian Angels School has been a leader in technology for years and we are determined to continue Funding Future Angels. Our plans to help accomplish this in the coming year include creating a new STEM Makerspace for our students and upgrading the camera systems around our campus. Details for both are below: 
New STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Makerspace 
  • Add new worktables that are collapsible and movable and new complementing chairs 
  • Convert one wall to customizable shelving and storage for makerspace materials 
  • Installation of dedicated CAD computers 
  • Installation of new 3D printers 
  • Installation of new Laser cutting machine 
  • Camera Upgrades 
Make all existing cameras viewable via one simple web interface 
  • True redundant 30-day motion event video storage 
  • Allow for the support of IP cameras so higher resolution IP cameras can be powered/data connected with one network cable run 
  • System can be accessed via the web without opening ports to our network to the internet 
  • Swap current cameras with higher resolution cameras 
  • Add new IP cameras to cover more areas of our campus 
We are asking for your help to make these projects happen. This is our school’s single largest fundraising campaign of the year.   
Consider supporting Guardian Angels School on Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is the week after Thanksgiving; it’s a movement to encourage people to give back to their own community. This year, we hope you give back to our Guardian Angels community as we participate in the Archdiocese’s "I Give Catholic" Giving Tuesday Campaign on November 30th.  
Donations made on November 30th, through our online platform, will not be assessed by the Archdiocese – meaning your entire donation stays with Guardian Angels. Offline donations (cash or checks) or donations made on a different day are not included in this assessment waiver.