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Protecting Our Children » SafeParish


Archdiocese of Cincinnati Decree on Child Protection

Every adult in a position that requires contact or interaction with youth or vulnerable adults must complete the SafeParish™ edition of Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse training session and complete a background check before they are permitted to work or volunteer within any of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati parishes, schools, or institutions. Employees are also required to complete manual fingerprinting before beginning their employment at an Archdiocesan parish, school, or institution.



 SafeParish™ Registration and Background Check


To register for SafeParish™ go to, choose ‘Register’ and then enter the passcode protectcincy when prompted.  If you have not previously completed an online background check, you will be prompted to complete a screening through Guardian Angels parishioners may obtain a token to cover the background check fee. To obtain the token, please email [email protected].



Ongoing Compliance with SafeParish™ Quarterly Bulletins


Adults must stay current in completing the SafeParish™ quarterly bulletins to remain in compliant. Non-compliant adults will no longer be permitted to work with youth or vulnerable adults until compliance is reestablished.




For more information, visit the Archdiocese of Cincinnati's website. For any questions regarding the SafeParish™ Program at Guardian Angels, please email [email protected].