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Protecting Our Children » Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a "volunteer?"
Per the Decree on Child Protection, "a 'volunteer' is an adult who is not a cleric or employee (for example, a catechist, scout leader, coach, server coordinator, parent interns, student teachers and others in similar capacities etc.) who function in any capacity to assist in activities with children. This includes all adults accompanying children on any overnight activity."
What is required for me to approved to volunteer with children at Guardian Angels?
1. Submission to and approval from a background check through
2. Registration through and attendance at a 3 hour child protection training class
3. Remaining compliant by keeping up with monthly bulletins/questions through
How can I determine if I am cleared to work with children?

The easiest way to determine your eligibility is to attempt a login at with your username and password. If you are blocked, then your account is either suspended or non-existent. You can also contact the head of the Parish Service Organization for which you volunteer - a detailed list of active and inactive VIRTUS accounts is distributed monthly to volunteer coordinators. A final resource is to contact the Safe Environment Coordinator at

What is the background check procedure?, a national, Catholic faith-based background check company located in the Cincinnati area, provides all background checks for the Archdiocese. The background check is done online and is accessed via your Virtus account if you already have one, or as part of the Virtus registration for new volunteers.
What is the cost of the background check?
The cost of the background check is $25. This can be paid with credit card or a token requested from (for those whose primary volunteer location is Guardian Angels).
How do I attend a child protection class?

To register for a training session, go to and create an username & password. If Guardian Angels is your primary volunteer location, please make sure that you indicate that upon registration. You can attend a training session (generally three hours) anywhere in the Archdiocese.  You must pre-register for the Virtus session; walk-ins are not allowed.

What is the policy regarding monthly bulletins?

Part of the Virtus program is the ongoing education component via online monthly bulletins.  The bulletins are meant to deepen the awareness formed at the Virtus training session. Upon missing three bulletins, volunteers are informed by the Safe Environment Coordinator that they are at risk of suspension. They are given a small grace period to complete bulletins, after which time their account is suspended and they are not cleared to volunteer with children.

Am I responsible for bulletins if my account is suspended/inactivated?

If your account is suspended for any reason (lapsed bulletins, lack of a current background check, etc.), you remain responsible for bulletins even during your period of suspension. Failure to immediately address inactivation/suspension can lead to a backlog of bulletins, and sometimes the additional requirement of a training module by the archdiocese.

What is an online training module, and when might I have to use it?

Online training modules are assigned by the archdiocese and are not a substitute for initial VIRTUS training. If an account has a prominent lapse in bulletin completion (typically over 12 months' worth), that volunteer's account will be marked as requiring an online training module for reinstatement. If that volunteer would like to be reinstated, they will have to contact the Safe Environment Coordinator, who will request a module from the archdiocese. Once the module has been assigned, the prospective volunteer has two weeks to complete it (it takes approximately one hour), and the volunteer will be cleared to work with children after completion. Training modules can be assigned a maximum of two times, after which a full three-hour VIRTUS session will be required.

Will I ever need to re-take the 3-hour class?

Accounts that are severely behind in bulletin completion (typically 36 months) will no longer qualify for the online module and will need to attend a new three-hour VIRTUS session.

Am I required to complete bulletins even when I'm not volunteering?

All volunteers must keep up-to-date with their bulletins, even outside of their normal volunteering "window." For instance, a volunteer for a group that only meets with children in the Fall of each year should still remain compliant with their bulletins throughout Winter, Spring, and Summer. This will ensure that the volunteer is not suspended and is able to work with children immediately when their next volunteer cycle occurs.