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A Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
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Parish Structure


The work of Guardian Angels Parish is guided by parish staff, school staff, and six boards: Worship, Ministry, Education/Faith Formation, Operations, and Stewardship. Each of these boards contains representatives from parish service organizations and members-at-large. These boards manage business related to each individual area. Each board chair sits on the Parish Pastoral Council to ensure communication among all groups. 

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)
PPC oversees all parish functions and sets the tone and direction of the parish. Each year, it assists the other boards, and Parish Service Organizations (PSOs) under each board, in striving to accomplish their objectives.
Finance/Operations Board
The Finance/Operations Board oversees the budget process and all issues concerning the physical plant.
Education/Faith Formation Board
The Education/Faith Formation Board oversees activities regarding faith formation and education.  
Ministry Board
The Ministry Board oversees all programs related to parish outreach and ministry.
Worship Board
The Worship Board oversees all activities regarding worship including all functions related to Masses and sacraments.
Stewardship Board
The Stewardship Board oversees all activities regarding Catholic stewardship and parishioner gifts of time, talent, and treasure.  
Buildings and Grounds Board
The Buildings and Grounds Board oversees the management of both critical and capital improvement projects related to the parish and school. Their goal is to ensure the safety and upkeep of the facilities.