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Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners
Adult parishioners are partnered with 2nd grade students in Guardian Angels School or parish CCD program. 

Goals of the Program:

  • Pray with and for each other throughout the year as the 2nd graders prepare for their First Communion
  • You will get to meet with each other 2-4 times throughout the school year.
  • A way to connect the parishioners of Guardian Angels with the School & CCD children.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a prayer partner for either the school students or the CCD student, please contact Margaret Dunn. She can be reached at 513-477-5789 or

2018-2019 Prayer Partner Meeting Dates:

School Prayer Partner Dates:
(1) Fri.10/26/18: Breakfast 8:15am in GA Undercroft
(2) Thurs. 2/21/19: Mass 8:15am in GA Church
(3) Fri. 5/3/19: Breakfast 8:15am in GA Undercroft
(4) Thurs. 5/16/19: Mass 8:15am in GA Church
CCD Prayer Partner Dates:
(1) Wed. 11/28/18: Reception 7:15pm in GA Undercroft
(2) Wed. 3/13/19: Pizza Party 7:15pm in GA Undercroft