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A Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati


Guardian Angels Parish is looking for volunteers to demonstrate the love of God by serving and sharing Christ with those in need. This family-friendly mission trip will include service projects for all ages and skill levels. Projects may include construction, landscaping, painting, crafting, and visiting the sick or elderly.


2018 Family Mission Trip

Each year a group of families from Guardian Angels Parish take a week out of their summer to spread God’s love by serving those in need. The 2018 Family Mission Trip took place in June in Frenchburg, Kentucky. GA parishioners team up with Glenmary Sisters for a specific project.

This year, the GA team completed a home makeover. The trailer Nancy was living in wasn’t expected to last much longer so it was necessary to repair an old house on her property so she could move in there. So much work was put into this project! Guardian Angels families finished a deck, installed new siding, repaired the roof, and installed subflooring in the bathroom and a new door.  They replaced a window, painted inside, and installed a new staircase.